Tutorial: Scoring a Training Session with the Scoring Toolbar


In the previous tutorial we explored the main modes of the Training Toolbar: Record, Playback and Score, and created a new Score object matching a Training Session and a Rubric.

In this tutorial, we will load the previously created Score and use it to examine both the Score Toolbar and the Indicators panel.

Target Audience

Learning Experts who want to score Training Sessions in order to feed the Metacog Platform for Real Time Automatic Scoring of Learner Sessions.

The goal of Scoring

An Score is a object that represent an association between a Rubric and a Training Session, and holds specific values for each dimension in the Rubric.

In scoring mode, the goal of the Learning Expert is to visually check the event stream of a Training Session and based on what he sees, make desitions about the values for each dimension. Also, he can mark the event stream with special markers (indicators) to enrich the scoring information.

Opening an existing Score

In order to open an existing Score you need to know the authentication token used to create it, along with its name (or at least Part of its name, because you always can use the search functionality to locate it).

In the following video, the trainer will execute the authentication, search and loading of the Training Session and the Score, exploration of Rubric dimensions and indicators, and assignation of values to the dimensions and creation of indicators based on the feedback provided by the playback:

The Score Toolbar

The score toolbar includes:

  • The playback toolbar.
  • The list of dimensions of the rubric associated to the Score.
  • An editor where you can assign a value to each dimension, based on its type.
  • The indicators panel.

The main difference between scoring dimensions and creating indicators, is that the values assigned to each dimension apply to the whole event stream, while indicators are tied to specific initial and end times, what means that you can assign the same indicator multiple times in the same event stream.


The Scoring toolbar offers an easy way to interact with the Metacog Platform to facilitate Learning Experts' task of creating samples of Learners executions that can be used to train the system in order to provide automatic real-time scorings.

The combination of the Playback Toolbar and the Indicators panels allows to provide rich information about the scoring rationale.