Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you keep track of personal or sensitive information about students?

No. You define what information is logged to the platform during the instrumentation process. The only fields that are mandatory are those related to the identification of your organization. You may choose not to log individual data at all, or just any kind of ID that has meaning to you.

Learning Object Instrumentation

How does one access the return value of an intercepted method?

If you are trying to intercept a method that returns a value, chances are that you are intercepting the wrong method. Typically, event handlers do not return values. It is possible that what you really need is to intercept another method and, within the interceptor callback, invoke the first method to log the returned value.

Supported browsers

What browsers are supported by the Metacog Client Library?

The Library makes use of the webWorkers and IndexedDB HTML5 standards, supported by all major browsers, with the exception of Safari (full support for IndexedDB is supposed to be avaible since version 10).

We recommend Chrome as it satisfies both compliance with HTML5 standards and offers a good performance.

Safari versions under 10 can yet be used, by specifying in the Metacog.init configuration the storage: "localstorage" attribute. This will force the library to use the localStorage instead of IndexedDB but is only recommended for widgets with low events traffic, as the localStorage mechanism runs in the same main thread and has not the same performace of the default webworker plus IndexedDB mechanism.


Authentication: where do I get the publisher_id and application_id required to authenticate with Metacog API?

Both publisher_id and application_id are provided to you when your Metacog Account is created, and both are required as part of the API credentials. The following values are an example of how they look, and you can use them for real testing of the platform:

  • publisher_id:9d10ead1
  • application_id: c7f16e0b559f05489e2b900f52f08a99

In order to use Metacog, do I need to write my own code to interact with your API?

You can use any technology to communicate with our REST API, following the specification of the different available endpoints (API Sandbox). The Metacog Client Library, on the other hand, wraps some of the calls to the API in a friendly client-side JavaScript library. This library is designed to be integrated into your existing Learning Objects. (see Instrumentation Guidelines).